Meta Physical & Physical
Meta Physical & Physical
Meta Physical & Physical
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Meta Physical & Physical

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SPOC: Small Private Online Art Course


1, 设计公司老板和总监经常通过在职教育实现自我提升,但是团队没有同步得到提升;

Leader and director of the design company improve themselves through third party training, but the team is not improved as well at the same time;

2, 设计公司老板不太善于表达或者没有时间对团队进行培训;

Management team is not good at expression and has no time to train the team;

3, 疫情之下,大规模的授课收到限制;

Under the outbreak, large-scale third party training has been restricted;

4, 设计团队需要跨地域和别的团队进行交流;

The design team needs to communicate with other teams across regions;

5, 单纯的听课只能吸收5%,结合线下实现学以致用;

Traditional training can only absorb 5% of what they should learn, with flipped class can grab more;

6, 设计师不只设计商品和作品,同时也创作艺术品,并跨界创新;

Designers not only design goods, but also create works, and cross the boundary innovation to products and arts;

7, 设计师创新的产品,在奇遇全球购的平台上实现销售,同时全球购会员实现在线购买原创的设计产品;

Designers' innovative products can be sold on the platform of Lavven, and members can buy original design products;


Designers can only do design, not tell stories.



Flipped class faces a design team under 500 people who willing to improve their overall design ability and team work



features of meta-physical & physical:

1.     线上授课和线下翻转的有机融合,同学是主角,老师是启发教育;

SPOC is an integration of online teaching and offline flipping. Students are the leading role and teacher is just the inspiration of education

2.     老师的课程更加系统化,不只是案例分享,更是理论结合实际,启发和教授学员参与互动,重新梳理听说读写的学习顺序;

The courses are more systematic, not only for case sharing, but also connect theory with practice, inspiring and instructing students to participate during interaction. Reorganize the learning order of listening, reading, writing and speaking;

3.     翻转课堂涉及到的知识内容,会提前发放,包括文字,视频,小测试等,同学需要提前学习;

The documents involved in flipped class will be distributed in advance, including text, video, quiz, etc. students need to learn in advance;

4.     课堂的现场有跨地区的联线翻转,有挑战感和新鲜感;

The scene of flipped class has cross-regional connection, which has a sense of challenge and freshness;

5.     全新的形而上下的课程,通过翻转,发展学生的创新思维与学习到设计方法论;

Brand new courses develop students' innovative thinking of design methodology through flipping

6.     高强度的翻转,极大的调动了创新思维,让人脑洞大开。

The high-intensity course greatly mobilizes innovative thinking.